November 05, 2017
This is a simple font picker based on the cool angular2-color-picker by Alberplz.
See a live example application here.

Building the library

 npm install  
 npm run build  

Running the example

 cd example  
 npm install  
 npm start  

Installing and usage

 npm install ngx-font-picker --save  

Load the module for your app (with global configuration):

 import { FontPickerModule } from 'ngx-font-picker';  
 import { FontPickerConfigInterface } from 'ngx-font-picker';  
 const FONT_PICKER_CONFIG: FontPickerConfigInterface = {  
  // Change this to your Google API key  
  apiKey: 'AIzaSyA9S7DY0khhn9JYcfyRWb1F6Rd2rwtF_mA'  
  imports: [  

Use it in your html template (for example in div element):

 <div [(fontPicker)]="font" [fpWidth]="'320px'" [fpPosition]="'bottom'">  
  Click to open the font picker</div>  
 [(fontPicker)]   // Selected font ({family, size, style, styles, files}).  
 [fpWidth]      // Width of the font picker (Default: '280px').  
 [fpHeight]     // Height of the font picker (Default: '320px').  
 [fpPosition]    // Position of the font picker (Default: 'bottom').  
 [fpSizeSelect]   // Show size selector in the font picker (Default: false).  
 [fpStyleSelect]   // Show style selector in the font picker (Default: false).  
 [fpPresetLabel]   // Label for the preset fonts list (Default: undefined).  
 [fpPresetFonts]   // Listing of preset fonts to show (Default: undefined).  
 [fpFallbackFont]  // Fallback font (Default: {family: 'Roboto', size: 14}).  
 [fpCancelButton]  // Show cancel button in the font picker (Default: false).  
 (fontPickerChange) // Event handler for the font / size / style change.  

Available configuration options (for the global configuration):

 apiKey       // Your Google API key for the Google Web Fonts API.  

Note: Special thanks to ZEF Oy
Disclaimer: The blog is created to share angular directives information to geek, curious Angular Developers.

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