September 22, 2018
Native Angular directives for Bootstrap


Table of contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Installation instructions
  3. Usage & Demo
  4. API
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Contributing
  7. License

Getting Started

ngx-bootstrap contains all core (and not only) Bootstrap components powered by Angular. So you don't need to include original JS components, but we are using markup and css provided by Bootstrap.

Installation instructions

Install ngx-bootstrap from npm
 npm install ngx-bootstrap --save
You will need bootstrap styles (Bootstrap 3)

Or Bootstrap 4

To enable bootstrap 4 theme templates in ngx-bootstrap, please read this.

Usage & Demo

Main source of API documentation and usage scenarios available here:
Additionally you can find demos and docs deployed from latest code with angular v4 and angular v5
Server side rendered version of this documentation available here


Check demo page for API reference

How to use it with:

How to build lib for development

First time
  • clone repository
  • npm install
  • npm run test it will build the lib and create a link in node_modules
To run bootstrap 3 and 4 demo:
  • npm run demo.serve to serve local demo. This is for testing only, without watchers.
For local development run
  • npm run in first terminal
  • ng serve in second
If you want to run the demo with Angular Universal:
  • npm run demo.serve-universal


So if you are in trouble, here's where you can look for help.
The best place to ask questions is on StackOverflow (under the ngx-bootstrap tag) You can also join our Slack channel and link your stackoverflow question there. But try to avoid asking generic help questions directly on Slack since they can easily get lost in the chat. You can also search among the existing GitHub issues.
If, and only if, none of the above helped, please open a new issue.

Note: Special thanks to Valor Software
Disclaimer: The blog is created to share angular directives information to geek, curious Angular Developers.

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