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July 26, 2017
Translating your AngularJS 1.x apps


We strongly recommend using a package manager like NPM and Bower, or even variants like Yarn or jspm.


 npm install --save-dev angular-translate  


 bower install --save-dev angular-translate  
For more information please visit chapter "Installation" at our website.

Get support

Most of the time, we are getting support questions of invalid configurations. We encourage everyone to have a look at our documentation website. If you think the documentation is not correct (bug) or should be optimized (enhancement) please file an issue.
If you are still having difficulty after looking over your configuration carefully, please post a question to StackOverflow with a specific tag. Especially if the question are related to AngularJS or even JavaScript/browser basic technologies (maybe your issue is not related to angular-translate after all).
If you have discovered a bug or have a feature suggestion, feel free to create an issue on GitHub. Please follow the guideline within the issue template. See also next headline.
Please note: We cannot provide support for neither JavaScript nor AngularJS itself. In both cases, a platform like StackOverflow is much more ideal.


  • Website
  • API Reference
  • Contribution Guidelines

Useful resources

There are some very useful things on the web that might be interesting for you, so make sure to check this list.


Licensed under MIT.

Note: Special thanks to angular-translate

Disclaimer: The blog is created to share angular directives information to geek, curious Angular Developers.