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October 26, 2017
Angular2 Auto Complete


After 0.13.0 or higher, ng2-auto-complete has been changed to @ngui/auto-complete. Here are the changes
  • Module ng2-auto-complete is moved to @ngui/auto-complete.
  • Directive ng2-auto-complete is moved to ngui-auto-complete.
  • Class name Ng2AutoComplete is moved to NguiAutoComplete.

Below are plunks for different scenarios:

Template Driven Forms
Reactive Forms
FormGroup issue #49
FormControl issue #100
Material Design
Obervable Source
List Formatter Example (With custom css)


  1. install @ngui/auto-complete
      $ npm install @ngui/auto-complete --save  
  2. add map and packages to your systemjs.config.js unless you are using webpack
     map['@ngui/auto-complete'] = 'node_modules/@ngui/auto-complete/dist/auto-complete.umd.js';  
  3. import NguiAutoCompleteModule to your AppModule
  4.   import { NguiAutoCompleteModule } from '@ngui/auto-complete';  
       imports: [BrowserModule, FormsModule, NguiAutoCompleteModule],  
       declarations: [AppComponent],  
       providers: [HTTP_PROVIDERS],  
       bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]  
      export class AppModule { }  

Usage it in your code

 <input auto-complete [(ngModel)]="myData" [source]="mySource" />  
For full example, please check test directory to see the example of
  • systemjs.config.js
  • app.module.ts
  • and app.component.ts


All options are optional except ngModel and source
  • ngModel, any, variable that autocomplete result is assigned to
  • source, array or string, required. data source for dropdown list
  • auto-complete-placeholder, string, autocomplete input guide text
  • value-formatter, string or function variable name, custom value formatting function. e.g. '(id) value', 'myValueFormatter'.
       myValueFormatter(data: any): string {
          return `(${data[id]}) ${data[value]}`;
  • list-formatter, string or function variable name, custom list formatting function. e.g. '(key) name', 'myListFormatter'.
       myListFormatter(data: any): string {
          return `(${data[key]}) ${data[name]}`;
  • path-to-data, string, e.g., data.myList, path to array data in http response
  • min-chars, number, when source is remote data, the number of character to see drop-down list
  • display-property-name, string, key name of text to show. default is value
  • select-value-of, string, when selected, return the value of this key as a selected item
  • blank-option-text, string, guide text to allow empty value to be selected as in empty value of option tag.
  • no-match-found-text, string, guide text to show no result found.
  • valueChanged / ngModelChange, callback function that is executed when a new drop-down is selected. e.g. (valueChanged)="myCallback($event)"
  • customSelected callback function that is executed when a value selected not included in drop-down, so it will return the keyword used. e.g. (customSelected)="customCallback($event)"
  • loading-text, text to be displayed when loading. Default, "Loading"
  • loading-template, html markup that is to be rendered when loading. Default, null
  • accept-user-input boolean, if false and does not match to source given, it goes back to the original value selected., If you don't event want user to type any, please use readonly="readonly" to force user to select only from list. Default is true
  • max-num-list number, maximum number of drop down list items. Default, unlimited
  • tab-to-select boolean, if true, pressing Tab will set the value from the selected item before focus leaves the control. Default is true
  • select-on-blur boolean, if true, blur event will set the value from the selected item before focus leaves the control. Default is false
  • match-formatted boolean, if true, keyword will be matched against list values formatted with list-formatter, instead of raw objects. Default is false
  • auto-select-first-item, boolean, if true, the first item of the list is automatically selected, if false, user must select manually an item. Default is false
  • open-on-focus, boolean, if false drop down won't open on a focus event, . Default is true

Note: Special thanks to ng2-ui


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