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October 05, 2017
A Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) visualization for angular - implemented using ngx-charts.
Note: ngx-charts-dag 2.0.0 works only with Angular 4.x. To use ngx-charts-dag with Angular 2.x, use ngx-charts-dag 1.x.



  • Custom templates for nodes and edges
  • Automatic layout using Dagre
  • Animations

How is it different than the ngx-charts-force-directed-graph component which is distributed with ngx-charts?

This visualization uses the Dagre layout, which is specialized for directed graphs, where as ngx-charts-force-directed-graph uses D3's force directed layout.

ngx-charts-dag is better suited for visualizing flow diagrams which have a clear start and end.


  1. npm install @swimlane/ngx-charts-dag --save
  2. Make sure the peer dependencies are installed (d3)
  3. Import NgxChartsDagModule into your module
  4. Use the ngx-charts-directed-graph component in your components
  <template #defsTemplate>  
   <svg:marker id="arrow" viewBox="0 -5 10 10" refX="8" refY="0" markerWidth="4" markerHeight="4" orient="auto">  
    <svg:path d="M0,-5L10,0L0,5" class="arrow-head" />  
  <template #nodeTemplate let-node>  
   <svg:g class="node"  
    <svg:rect [attr.width]="node.width" [attr.height]="node.height" [attr.fill]="node.options.color" />  
    <svg:text alignment-baseline="central" [attr.x]="10" [attr.y]="node.height / 2">{{node.label}}</svg:text>  
  <template #linkTemplate let-link>  
   <svg:g class="edge">  
     marker-end="url(#arrow)" >  



   id: 'start',  
   label: 'start'  
  }, {  
   id: '1',  
   label: 'Query ThreatConnect',  
  }, {  
   id: '2',  
   label: 'Query XForce',  
  }, {  
   id: '3',  
   label: 'Format Results'  
  }, {  
   id: '4',  
   label: 'Search Splunk'  
  }, {  
   id: '5',  
   label: 'Block LDAP'  
  }, {  
   id: '6',  
   label: 'Email Results'  


   source: 'start',  
   target: '1',  
   label: 'links to'  
  }, {  
   source: 'start',  
   target: '2'  
  }, {  
   source: '1',  
   target: '3',  
   label: 'related to'  
  }, {  
   source: '2',  
   target: '4'  
  }, {  
   source: '2',  
   target: '6'  
  }, {  
   source: '3',  
   target: '5'  


ngx-datatable is a Swimlane open-source project; we believe in giving back to the open-source community by sharing some of the projects we build for our application. Swimlane is an automated cyber security operations and incident response platform that enables cyber security teams to leverage threat intelligence, speed up incident response and automate security operations.

Note: Special thanks to Swimlane


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