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June 09, 2018

ngx-modialog (previously `angular2-modal`)

This project is looking for a new maintainer, see [#414]( for details.

ngx-modialog version 5.x.x works with angular 5.x.x


Version 4.x.x contains some breaking changes, please see the [CHANGELOG](./

Library has been renamed from version 3.0.2

Modal / Dialog implementation for angular. - Easy to use API via Fluent API Presets (alert, prompt, confirm) - Can render Component's, TemplateRef's and literal string - Extendable via plugins. - Easy to use typescript modal.alert() .title('Hello World') .body('In Angular') .open(); Available plugins: - Bootstrap (3 & 4) - [Vex 3 & 4](


bash npm install ngx-modialog

Basic plunker playground (bootstrap plugin):

ngx-modialog @ 4.x.x

ngx-modialog @ 3.x.x

Quick start

**In your application root module definition add `ModalModule` and the plugin you want to use:** We will use the bootstrap plugin (`BootstrapModalModule`) for this introduction. ```typescript import { ModalModule } from 'ngx-modialog'; import { BootstrapModalModule } from 'ngx-modialog/plugins/bootstrap'; // lots of code... @NgModule({ bootstrap: [ /* ... */ ], declarations: [ /* ... */ ], imports: [ /* ... */ ModalModule.forRoot(), BootstrapModalModule ], }) export class AppModule { /* lots of code... */ } ```

In any angular component or service inject the `Modal` service and open a modal:

typescript import { Component, ViewContainerRef } from '@angular/core'; import { Overlay } from 'ngx-modialog'; import { Modal } from 'ngx-modialog/plugins/bootstrap'; @Component({ selector: 'my-app', template: `<button (click)="onClick()">Alert</button>` }) export class AppComponent { constructor(public modal: Modal) { } onClick() { const dialogRef = this.modal.alert() .size('lg') .showClose(true) .title('A simple Alert style modal window') .body(` <h4>Alert is a classic (title/body/footer) 1 button modal window that does not block.</h4> <b>Configuration:</b> <ul> <li>Non blocking (click anywhere outside to dismiss)</li> <li>Size large</li> <li>Dismissed with default keyboard key (ESC)</li> <li>Close wth button click</li> <li>HTML content</li> </ul>`) .open(); dialogRef.result .then( result => alert(`The result is: ${result}`) ); } } If you are using **ngx-modialog** version 3.X.X or below, `open()` returned a promise so replace the last 2 lines with: typescript dialogRef .then( dialogRef => { dialogRef.result.then( result => alert(`The result is: ${result}`); }); We are using the `alert()` method, one of 3 (prompt, confirm)) fluent-api methods we call `drop-ins` We then use the `result` property to wait for the modal closing event. **Notes:** - Fluent API methods (drop-ins) are pre-configured (presets) methods that allow easy configuration and execution, you can create custom presets - see the demo application. - For more control use the `open()` method, which is used by all drop in's internally. - We import the `Modal` service from the plugin and not from the root library. Import from the root should work but being explicit allow using multiple plugins. ## Demo App The Demo application is a full implementation of the library with the native plugins. View it at []( The demo application is [part of this repository]( and it is a great place to learn by example.

Bootstrap / VEX features:

- Customizable with components, Presets and more... - Select cancel/quit key. - Cascading modals. - Element blocking. - Blocking / Non blocking modal. - Modal as a component, replace the content by supplying a custom component. The demo application comes with a [dynamic modal generator]( for the **Boostrap** plugin ## Plugins Plugins serve as a concrete UI implementation for a modal. It can be an implementation for a known library (e.g: bootstrap) or something completely unique While `ngx-modialog` has some built in plugins it is also possible to use external plugins from NPM, if someone decide to build one. > Built a plugin? I would love to know :) # Known bugs ### The dialog closes when removing the target DOM element in a click event ref [issue#111]( To avoid this problem use `event.stopPropagation();` or put the element removal inside a `setTimeout` call # HELP WANTED! As a sole author I find it difficult to maintain multiple open source projects. As a result it is hard for me to replay rapidly to requests/help/etc... If you would like to contribute, please contact me, the community will thank you. You can contribute via: - Implementing features & Bug fixes - Documentation (Extremely important) - Issue management